Am I a modern, technological smart mother of the future or an old-fashioned hippie mom?

Let’s face it, the world is moving at such a rapid pace that even I, the one who rolls her eyes at her parents for not being able to upload a photo on facebook, can’t keep up. My hubby is in the IT industry so I like to think that I am more exposed to these sort of developments than the average Joe. But sometimes when he tells me something new or tries to explain what he’s doing at work all I hear is blah blah blah. However, I do make an effort. My 3 year old has her own iPad and is completely independent when it comes to working on it. (I do have several safety and security features in it to protect her from the world out there, don’t worry). My husband and I own smart phones, iPads, laptops etc. We have a pretty techno savvy home. At school, the kids I teach have access to iPads and the older grades even own their own iPads and we incorporate technology into our lessons as much as possible. I designed my own blog website and run it solo so I know my way around technology you could say (Okay, Hubby did have to help me here and there!).


But let’s be honest here, without technology we would be lost. A few weeks ago we had a power failure that lasted 2 days! It was a disaster! Our phones batteries were on life support (power banks, lol!), Mieke’s iPad had died- the END of the world, we couldn’t cook or bath in hot water and by 8pm the house was so dark that everyone just resigned to the fact that we were living in the stone age and went to bed. So don’t get me wrong, I am DEFINITELY a fan!

But there are just some things that I prefer going back to mother nature to rely on. Sometimes it’s the simplicity of a solution that holds the most benefits. Mieke had eczema as a baby. I’m talking really bad- all over her body, on her face, even in the folds of her eyelids. The GP wanted to admit her to hospital for baby measles until I found a paediatrician who realised what it was. For months we struggled to tame it. By the time she was 1 and a half she was permanently on steroids and cortisone to try and suppress the eczema and I had had enough! I turned to a homeopath who gave me some drops and tablets that I had to administer daily, and we adjusted her diet to avoid certain trigger foods. It was a very tedious process but by the end of the 3 month period her eczema had almost completely cleared. Now we are 2 years down the line, and her skin is beautiful. Now and then if it’s really hot and she sweats, or if she eats something she shouldn’t she gets a slight rash but it goes away all on its own within a day or two.

Throughout my pregnancy I also turned to natural remedies when I had the flu, sore throat or a headache. I am one of those super conservative moms- When I’m pregnant I don’t take ANY medication other than my prenatal vitamins, I don’t drink any caffeinated or alcoholic beverages and avoid all the recommended dodgy foods. My baby comes first and I’m not willing to take any chances.

I’m just putting this out there because I know there are a lot of moms who are all for modern technology and medicine. There is always a reliable solution that comes with a label and some sort of a guarantee, whether it be a technological device, medication, surgery or a type of lifestyle. And I get that- I live that! The Science teacher in me understands, respects and supports the role this plays in my life. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. I enjoy the aspect of instant gratification this provides me. Maybe it’s because I’m part of this millennial generation everyone is talking about?

But there are also some moms that do EVERYTHING natural. From childbirth to breastfeeding, homeopath remedies, cloth diapers, no chemicals, organic free range food etc. And I’m down with that. I find myself being a sort of uncategorised “hybrid” mom. I love technology and what modern medicine has to offer. But I love what nature gives us in the form of food, remedies, medicines and age old practices such as breastfeeding and natural childbirth. All I’m saying is at times the God given tools and remedies the earth has to offer are just as imperative as technology and advanced medicine. I’m what I’ve dubbed an “organic hacker”. I’m at a point where I use what suits my needs best at the time. And there’s no methodology to it. I just go with what my gut instinct tells me is best for that moment, best for my family or best for my children.

Yes, I’ve had some of my fellow moms and friends who are more “pro natural” scorn at my support of technology and modern day medicine and doctors, and I’ve also had some of my with-it, contemporary living friends and fellow moms look at me as if I’m insane and called me a hippie and a flower-child. But that’s okay. I’m going with what my mamma instincts are telling me and you know what they say... Mamma knows best!


Have you found yourself in this situation? Are you also an "Organic Hacker" or have you chosen a definite category to belong to? Share your experience with me.